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Editorial review


Pedro Castro Senior editor

This review applies to version 2.6. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

RightNote can help you not only write notes but also organize them. The program has a nicely designed interface allowing you to use various masks. However, due to the enormous amount of features that have been packed into this application, it may take some time before you can use this application without difficulty.
The basic containing unit for your notes is called a notebook and it is saved as a separate file that you can share with others or move to another machine. These notebooks can have multiple pages and each page in turn contains a hierarchical tree storing multiple notes. This type of organization lets you create pages associated with different categories; therefore, you will hardly ever need to create more than one notebook.

The program lets you create different types of notes, such as standard text, spreadsheets and syntax highlighting. In addition, it has powerful built-in word-processing features supporting text formatting, layouts, tables, images and objects. The spreadsheet mode allows you to use formulas, as in Microsoft Excel.

Notes can be found easily by not only browsing the tree you have created but also performing full-text searches and adding tags to your notes. Moreover, notes or complete notebooks can be protected by password using strong encryption algorithms.

In general, RightNote is an excellent application having practically everything that is necessary for proper note taking and keeping. It has various editions of the same program, which support different features, and one of them is completely free.


  • It has a nice interface.
  • It allows multi-page notebooks.
  • It lets you find notes easily.
  • It supports various types of notes.
  • It supports word-processing and spreadsheet features.
  • It supports images and OLE objects.
  • It lets you protect your notes.
  • It allows sharing your notes easily.


  • Due to the enormous amount of features that have been packed into this application, it may take some time before you can use this application without difficulty.
This software was checked for viruses and was found to be clean. Click here to see antivirus report.

What's new in version 2.6

Fix: An error could occur in some cases when adding a note in a large tree
Add Option (under Editors->RichView) - Show warning if spell checker could not be loaded (unchecked by default).

What's new in version 1.0

new feature: full text search for very fast searches

Publisher's description

RightNote is a note-taker and note-organiser, that allows you to store and organise all bits of different information in a single place - and find that information almost instantly. Instead of having many pieces of paper lying all over your desk, which may contain contact information, phone numbers, to-do lists, website addresses etc., you can now store all of this information in a single RightNote file. After using RightNote, you'll not only know where to find the information you're looking for - you'll also know where to put it in the first place!

Instead of rummaging through your computer trying to locate the different files you work with on a daily basis, you can use RightNote's virtual note capability to work on all these files from a single location.

The RightNote interface consists of a notebook made up of pages. Each page contains a hierarchical tree in which you can store an unlimited number of notes. Notes can easily be moved within a page or from one page to another. This gives you a large amount of flexibility and organisational power to organise and categorise your notes. RightNote also contains a powerful search tool which will allow you to quickly and easily find the note you are looking for.

RightNote conveniently minimises to the system tray, waiting patiently until needed. As soon as you need to store something, click on the RightNote icon, locate or create the desired page, and insert the information for later retrieval. The in-built full text search engine allows you to find the information you're looking for almost instantly.

Unlike other similar programs which are built around a single note type, i.e. one that provides word processing functionality, RightNote includes different note types which provide for a variety of functionality. Word processing, spreadsheet and syntax highlighting note types allow you to use the right note for the right occasion!

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